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Personal Growth Masterclasses & Workshops


The Ultimate Masterclass for Creating the Life Your Want

Unleash your highest potential, dream bigger than you ever have before, and achieve your most important goals

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Train the Trainer Online

The Success Principles Certification Program

Become a Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer and learn to master the proven success system that has helped millions of people create the life of their dreams.

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Your Extraordinary Life Plan

This powerful program walks you step by step through the entire process of setting and achieving one big, ambitious goal – then shows you how to repeat the process again and again to create the life you want.

It doesn’t matter what goal you want to achieve...

Your Extraordinary Life Plan will give you the tools, support, and road map you need to achieve it. 

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The Automated Passion Test

“Today you can get access to the Automated Passion Test!”

It's like having Artificial Intelligence in your pocket to help you get clarity, confidence, and direction on where you should put your focus. You'll identify your top passions, what to say yes to, what to say no to, and have a plan to discover your life purpose - GUARANTEED!

~ Janet Bray Attwood

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Your Passion Plan

If you’re not sure what your passions are and you’re ready to take action in creating a life that you are passionate about, then this course is for you. Your Passion Plan is a comprehensive program designed to help you identify your passions, connect to the power of ritual, and take meaningful action toward living your unique life design. This is the step-by-step guidance you need to experience a deep, moment-by-moment connection to the things you care most about, so you feel fulfilled, grateful, and empowered to consciously create the life of your dreams!

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The Passion Test Interactive Workbook

This fun interactive workbook will be a benefit to your clients in one-on-one consultations and workshops. It is fully customized for you so it will be a fabulous marketing tool for your business.

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How to Overcome Any Obstacles and
Move in the Direction of Your Dreams

Build Awareness. Discover where you’re settling in life and how to move past these points once and for all

Long-Term Success. The key to taking action and staying focused on your goals

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The 7 Pillars of True Life Transformation

How to Become a Transformational Trainer – How to be a more positive influence by teaching, training, and transforming people... even if you have no previous experience

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6 Steps to Achieve Any Goal and Create an Extraordinary Life

  • Create Awareness - Going from where you are to where you want to begin with mindfulness of your present situation

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Online Mastery of Self-Love

Become a certified Self Love Facilitator.

March 2 - 5, 2023 - 9 am - 2 pm Central Time

Thrive and be your most lovable, gorgeous YOU with these Self Love Healing Techniques, tools, and processes & Learn to Use Them to Help Others. Transform your life and live your potential, be mentored by top transformational leader Janet Bray Attwood.

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The Passion Test Quiz

Ready to take the first step in discovering your passions?

A Gallup survey from 2017 shows that only 13% of people worldwide are engaged in their jobs. Unhappiness in work or love, dissatisfaction around money or body weight, all contribute to the number of people just going through the motions, not really living life to the fullest. The Passion Test was created to turn these global passion statistics upside down.

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Online Passion Test Certification

June 15 - 18, 2023 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST (USA & CANADA)

Become a Certified Passion Test Facilitator and discover a Powerful, Step-by-Step Process That Can Accelerate Your Transition to a New Way of Living, A Process Used All Over The World!

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