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Are you triggered to use alcohol when traveling?

Are you feeling uncomfortable traveling to an all Inclusive resort that serves FREE Alcohol?

You can do this…without giving in to the temptation to use your “DRUG OF CHOICE” alcohol.

All you need to do to make this holiday the most fun without alcohol is to plan for ever situation possible.

What will you say to the waiter in detail. What to say…I will have my favourite soft drink or fruit drink…no alcohol please.

Make sure let the front desk know that you are having a dry no alcohol holiday.

Ask yourself why is this important to you to enjoy this holiday without alcohol.

For example:

Create a healthy relationship with my family.

Live a fruitful life for years to come.

Save money.

Healthy body.

Healthy mind.

ZERO stress in your life.

All these are great examples…but what is your most important reason?

Write yours in a your daily journal.

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