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Day 3 Drive for Change Sober October Challenge

Here we are at Day 3 of our 5-Day DRIVE FOR CHANGE SOBER OCTOBER Challenge!

Today’s lesson is one of the most powerful – and I can’t wait to share it with you.

But first – how has your week been so far? Drop by the Facebook group and let us know how you’re doing after completing yesterday’s challenge of taking bold action toward creating transformative change in your life.

Today’s lesson is designed to help you map out your route and successfully navigate your journey – even when the road ahead isn’t entirely clear.

Once you have watched the video, your challenge for today is to:

1. Identify 3-5 key milestones for your journey

Let’s say your end destination is the change you want to create in your life before the end of the year. What are the key milestones that you KNOW you’ll need to hit on that journey? For example, if Your goal is to lose 20lbs by December 31st, your key milestone might be to lose 5lbs then get it up to 10lbs then 15lbs along the way.. Or your goal is quitting drinking by the end of the year. Go one day then two then a week until you have released drinking altogether your milestones could be: maybe your key milestone is to, find someone who can mentor you, or a sober coach, who is also successful in living in sobriety. Or attend a weekly meeting in person or online with like-minded people who are in a similar situation, to release alcohol from their lives.

2. Or identify what triggers you to drink, like after work or when you are bored with nothing to do, or maybe your reward system to give yourself permission to drink after a long hard day at work. The route between each milestone on your journey may not be clear yet but the milestones are all things you KNOW you will have to reach at different parts of your journey if you want to arrive at your end destination.

3. Add those milestones to your calendar

Estimate how long it will take you to reach each of those milestones and then add them to your schedule and/or calendar. As you proceed toward them, you may discover that you will need more or less time to achieve those milestones. Adjust the date accordingly but do not remove them from your schedule.

4. Take ONE bold action TODAY toward that first milestone

Identify a task that you will complete before the end of the day that will propel you toward achieving that first milestone – and then commit to taking that action before you go to bed tonight.

5. Share your bold action in our Facebook Group

I’d love to see what kind of bold action you have committed to taking! Plus, there is huge power in declaring things publicly and holding yourself accountable to others. And if you post by midnight tonight you’ll be entered to win one of our many daily prizes!

Remember, you don’t have to know the twists and turns of every road to get started on your journey or reach your final destination! You just need to keep moving forward to that next big milestone. And as you continue to move forward, the next section of your journey will present itself to you.

I can’t wait to see where it takes you!

To your boundless potential for success,

Sincerely Grateful

Stefan Neff

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