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Welcome to Day 2 of our DRIVE FOR CHANGE SOBER OCTOBER Challenge!

Yesterday I asked you to identify ONE area in your life where you are feeling powerless and then identify ONE small, bold action you would take before the end of the day to start reclaiming your power in that area.

How did it go for you? I hope you were able to feel the energy and momentum that comes from seizing the wheel and getting into action!

And if you weren’t able to complete yesterday’s challenge – you can always do it today.

Even the smallest change in your thoughts and behaviour can prompt an energetic shift that will bring you closer to living your ideal life. And as you take continued action, your path to fulfillment will become clearer.

The focus of today’s lesson is to CHOOSE YOUR DESTINATION. Click here to watch the Day 2 Video

We waste so much time and energy when we are not clear about our destination.

We go off in the wrong direction, take wrong turns, and get stuck in the middle of nowhere spinning our wheels.

Or we end up driving around aimlessly for so long that we forget that there even IS a destination we’re trying to reach.

You have to have clarity and know where you’re going, and what kind of change you really want to create in your life. This means being honest with yourself and making sure your destination really IS somewhere you want to go – and that the life you’re working to create is something that will truly make you happy.

So let’s get to it!

Click the video below to watch today’s lesson now:

Once you have watched the video, your challenge for today is to:

  1. Identify ONE change you want to make in your life by the end of the year. Be sure to choose one that you KNOW will have a powerful positive impact on your life. For example: To get in shape is to download a fitness app and commit to using it for one week, to track your exercise and food intake, if your goal is to stop smoking, you can get the patch or chew nicotine gum for the next 7 days. Or your goal is to work on your relationship by scheduling a date night or heart talk with your spouse.. Your goal should be something that will push you closer to the life you want to live.

  2. Choose ONE bold action you will take to move toward creating that change. What action can you take TODAY that will put you on the road toward creating that change in your life? Remember, bold doesn’t have to equal BIG. Choose an action that you know you can complete before you go to bed tonight, given everything else you have on your plate. Maybe it’s time to call a meeting or send out an email. Or if your goal is decluttering, you could commit to removing all the empty beer cans or wine bottles and unwanted stuff from your garage after work today. As long as it’s a concrete, specific task that will nudge you closer to creating that transformative sober change in your life.

  3. Commit to taking that action – and complete it before you go to bed tonight! Like I said yesterday, there is huge power in the act of completion! Setting and achieving your sober goal – no matter how small – generates energy and momentum that makes it easier for you to make the next step on your journey.

  4. Share your bold action in our Facebook Group. I’d love to see what kind of bold action you have committed to taking! Plus, there is huge power in declaring things publicly and holding yourself accountable to others. And if you post by midnight tonight you’ll be entered to win one of our many daily prizes!

Have fun taking action toward the change you want to create in your sober life!

Remember, our purpose as human beings are to grow and evolve. So as you consider the kind of change you’d like to make in your life, be sure to consider the question, “Where is life guiding me to evolve?”

The answers are bound to lead you in a powerful direction.

To your boundless potential,

Sincerely Grateful

Stefan Neff

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