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From Zero To Hero Chapter 6

The Sexual Moment Of Truth

There was a tension in the air that needed to be exposed, a sexual attraction between us both. I could feel a longing for sex in my body, that couldn’t be denied. I want the passion to come out of me and find her.

This was a night, just like I planned for. This was the moment of truth that changed the history of my life. Hold onto your handlebars we are about to go on a ride of love, sex and dirtiness that will open your mind to the truth behind my thoughts.

I remember it like it happened last night, for I was a jungle cat exploring the world. I didn’t know that there was a woman that could make me feel so good and primal all at the same moment. There was one night that my mother had stayed at her boyfriend’s house and we had the whole house to ourselves. We spent the evening drinking beer and then she wanted to try some marijuana for the first time. Well, I thought was for the first time anyway. We made a delicious dinner together and the air literally simmered with passion and excitement.

I rolled up a marijuana joint, looking for the feeling of greatness that it gave me, but this time she asked me, “How does it taste?”

Well, my eyes light up with an expression of confusion on my face saying something like, “I didn’t know that you knew what this was.” With a surprise, she said, “I tried it before in Japan.”

I asked her, “Do you want some?”

“Yes please,” she said we that sexy voice of hers. It made my blood pressure go through the roof. We started a conversation about drugs in Japan and how she started using years before. I was surprised at not only what she had tried, but how much she had done in her life. She was open about her life, talking about the white stuff that goes in your nose and the yakuza bar scene that she was involved with. It felt like I was going back in time with her when she started talking about her life back then. She truly started to open up to me in so many ways.

She looked over at me with a look of pure sex. It looked like she was on a mission of her own. I thought to myself, “What the heck is happening here? Is this my dream coming to reality? Is this a fantasy that is going to be filled with sex drugs and passion all over the front yard?” This was exactly what I wanted in a woman, a wild, sex-starved woman begging for more. It was so freaking unbelievable but it was all coming true, I wasn’t dreaming it, I was living it that night. The clock was ticking away she was leaving in a month, I needed to make a move for the bedroom soon or my window of opportunity was going to be gone, but my mouth couldn’t come out with the words and my heart remembered the rejection that had occurred before.

It seems like she wasn’t letting that affect what seemed to be a whole new level of excitement in her eyes. Maybe all she wanted from me was pure sex or maybe she was thinking more about an authentic relationship, but whatever it was, I couldn’t get the words to come out to create the magic we call love.

It was getting late after a great night of drinking beer but my eyes were starting to get heavy as well as my mind. Time to see that pillow. I decided to sleep in my mother's king-size bed because she was at her boyfriend’s house tonight and I was right next to the beautiful Japanese woman’s room. I started to dream that night she was coming to have sex with me that night as my eyes fell asleep, my body started to get a feeling of clarity within my mind.

Somebody was in the room. I felt a breeze come over me like a whisper in my ear saying someone is watching you. My eyes opened quickly as if something was telling me to wake up Stefan, to my astonishment she was crouched down watching me sleep, I thought “Is this a dream or is this real?” I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I called her over to the bed to find out if this was real or not. She came as if there was urgency in her body. She was wearing nothing but a loose t-shirt, her bare legs glittering like gold in a half-light room. Her breasts were popping out towards my eyes, waiting for my hands to caress her nipples as they pushed through my fingertips. This was the moment that I had been waiting for the whole time I’d known her.

She crawled her way into my bed and held her hands against my face, looking deep beneath my soul. With every touch of her precious body pressing up to mine, no words needed to be spoken, only hearts pounding with a sensual determination.

Our lips met with such intensity of passion that she pushed her body around. My thoughts were like a jungle cat ready to pounce on its prey to devour in little bits all over my lips. I felt like I was in a movie that shouldn’t be seen by the faint of heart. I still couldn’t believe this was happening to me, this lonely soul living a life of unhappiness that couldn’t be harnessed nor

captured by anyone. She had taken my heart into hers, ready for the future to be unfolded into magical dreams.

My hands started to move over her like they were on a mission to achieve with the prize at the end of this game of love. Her body was soft as butter running down my chin, as my tongue was slurping up the juices that fell down upon her breasts, what a supple taste coming into

my mouth. We had passionate sex for what seemed like an hour. The clock seemed to stop moving. My mind had moved into a plane of thought and the only thought I could muster was “Wow, this is my true dream to be. This is going to last all night. Is this going to be forever?” All

the feelings in my heart were pounding with glorious love beyond my imagination. The sweet nectar of sweat was dripping from our bodies with every single movement that we made.

As we fell asleep in each other arms, no words were spoken. There was complete silence in the house. My mind was awakened the next morning and I looked over at her thinking to myself, “This feeling can only be felt from within.” I didn’t want to move from the softness of her breath on my arm as if it might not be real and the moment I moved, it would be gone, forgotten. This was my innermost fear, never having this feeling again, all the while wanting to take a photograph in my head to stamp the truth deep into my eyes forever.

I remember the thoughts going through me when she started to awaken from her beauty sleep. Maybe her life would have been changed forever as well. I was absolutely crazy to think she would actually love me after one night of passion, but a little voice in my mind told me otherwise. I thought that if there was a chance to make her happy maybe she would love me for who I was. But what I realized now is I didn’t love myself or trust who I was inside.

Her eyes started to open and she awoke with a bright smile on her face. She looked like an angel who was awakened by a man on a mission of love. We laid together for a moment staring into each other’s eyes with a deeper connection and purpose that couldn’t be denied nor forgotten. On that day we had started a relationship that mistook love for sex in so many ways. I couldn’t help but wonder, “Was this going to last or was this going to end in absolute disappointment?”

Look forward to the next chapter...

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