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From Zero To Hero Chapter 9

The Days Are Counting Down

The days were getting longer, and my thoughts were becoming clearer with every passing moment. I was continuously watching the clock tick by, searching for the truth within my soul. This was a time in my life when I needed to be on track with what was about to come, this I was sure of. The weeks were passing like dust in a storm, ever so quickly.

I couldn’t stop thinking about what she had told me in our many conversations on the phone, “I will be there in your arms, holding you close to my heart.” I was so infused with joy to hear her, that my body was quivering like a feather falling from the sky.

I thought to myself, “Life is going to be so wonderful. There is finally going to be love surrounding my soul. Why me?” I thought to myself. “I am deserving of real happiness, or am I?” These thoughts were stuck in my mind with every day that she was away from my arms. I envisioned the touch of her breast against my chest and it was leading my consciousness to the world of pleasure that couldn’t be denied. This was my soulmate, the one that filled my thoughts every night before I slept.

The woman of dreams had been seeking me out every night like a little voice perching on the tree.

The day of her return was forged in the calendar of my mind so deeply that it seemed carved inside my brain. What were the true feelings behind my thoughts? Were they joy, happiness or pure inspiration that my life was about to change forever?

These questions had been like a little voice in my head, or a monkey on my shoulders saying, “Live in the moment because life is change and the only thing that changes is change.” Was my life about to change? Was the path paved for me or was my life going to turn into a world of the unknown? I didn’t want to trust it.

One day as I was working on a project that was kind of meaningless, I felt a breeze of thoughts that I couldn’t describe but felt to be true in my heart. I just all of the sudden knew that she was coming to see me and that her flight had already been booked. This was what I had been waiting for. I couldn’t believe it to be true but knew it within my soul. She had made

a promise and was about to fulfill it.

The next day I got a phone call. “The plan is,” she said, ”In two months’ time, I will be there. No sooner.” I asked her to get here quicker but she said, “No, I must work for the next few months before I arrive in Canada.”

I said, “You are the most amazing woman I have ever met. I am waiting for you with all my heart. “

For the next few days, I was on top of the world feeling like life was all coming together with the puzzle pieces fitting in every hole of my life. I was working outside in the garden weeding when my old flip phone rang. To my surprise, it was Tomoko on the other end of the line.

I mentioned that it must be so very late in the night for her, and wondered why she was calling me. She said, “ I am bored at home with nothing to do, so I decided to call you.”

“That is awesome of you,” I replied. As we spoke for a few minutes I was drifting into a state of complete relaxation. All of a sudden there was a car coming up the driveway. I said, “I have to go now and see who is coming up the drive.”

She said, “Wait a minute, can we talk for a bit longer please?” I could hear a sense of urgency in her voice.

“OK, for a little longer,” I said as I walked towards the driveway. I noticed that the person driving the car seemed to know me and was waving. Finally, it dawned on me that it was really her driving up the road and right in my life.

Tomoko likes to surprise people. She had a cheeky look on her face as I didn’t know she was coming back to Canada on that date. I dropped to my knees while tears streamed down my face. This was the happiest moment I had ever felt in my entire life.

The Ugly Truth Showed Itself in the Next Chapter...

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