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From Zero To Hero Final Chapter

Finding The Road To Greatness

I didn’t just wake up one morning and say, “My life is completely fixed now and I’m doing great.” Far from that, it was a journey of many small steps. It was a process that I can tell you, was full of pain and at times also filled with a huge amount of fulfillment.

It started with me stopping drinking. I stopped drinking, smoking marijuana and stopped smoking cigarettes all by changing my thoughts. Was it easy? NO FUCKING WAY! It was hard, but it was the most obvious next step to take.

I started to realize that the only person I was lying to was myself. This process towards saving my own life could only be a journey to one thing and that was, seeing myself for who I really was. I had allowed my past situations to dictate my choices in life. I blamed my parents, brothers, friends and most of all my wife for all the painful feelings I had. I thought they were

holding me back from living a life of happiness. I couldn’t have been more wrong about everything.

One day I looked at myself in the mirror and started to realize that the only person holding me back was me. I couldn’t live like this anymore. I told myself this is it time to make a change, to face the music and go for the brass ring.

I am, and always will be, responsible for the feelings that are in my mind. I am the only person that makes me sad, angry and unhappy, so why did I always create these unhappy moments in my life? Because I didn’t want to face the reality of my own pains in life. I couldn’t see the truth and didn’t want to take responsibility for my own actions. That was too much pressure. I was selfish about my feelings and ended up causing myself pain every day.

One day I was looking at my past pains and said, “What the #Fuck was I thinking when I did that?” At first, I said, “I can be happy.” Then I said, “I will be happy, the real truth is I am happy.” Then I took a bigger step and said, “I love you, Stefan! You are the most important person in my life!” At that moment, I realized that it really was the truth. It made me realize that I had never really treated myself as the most important person in my life. I had made reckless decisions that put my health and well-being at risk. I had made choices that put my relationship at risk and I had allowed myself to make financial decisions that kept me in poverty all of my life. That is no way to treat the most important person in your life.

I can tell you that the change process didn’t happen overnight, on the contrary, this was a process that took years of intense conversation with my wife, to turn around. I fell down at times, I hurt the people around me at times, and yes I had a hard time getting over that. I spent sleepless nights thinking of how to fix it each time I fell down. I thought of ways to get

over my fears and inequities within myself. I went through life every day, wondering what my purpose in life was and how I was going to find it.

In 2014 I decided to make a video about my control issues towards my wife and family. This helped me to release so much pain I made it public on YouTube for all to see. We also translated the video into Japanese to help some of my wife’s clients. Making this video

allowed me to see deep inside my soul and understand myself a little better.

We started to plan our next trip to Japan with the intentions of meeting with her clients and doing private counselling sessions. Then an opportunity came up for my wife to speak in front of a large group and talk about her life story. At that time, I was still drinking and smoking cigarettes, but something was calling to my soul to stop! The time to create change in my life was upon me. I looked myself in the mirror and into my heart and said. “That’s enough with the poor me attitude. That’s been holding me back from being a better person.” I was only going through the motions of life, looking at my half empty glass instead of seeing that it was actually full to the rim with love all around me.

When we came back from Japan, I quit my job. I was sick and tired of spending so much time doing something that I didn’t love! Hating my job took a lot of negative energy and every single day I left the house to go to work, I added to that negative energy. What could I do now? I wondered if making videos and writing my life’s story might be a start.

I knew in my gut that it was time to start living life the way I wanted and desired, deep within my soul. For three months, I went for walks, started painting on canvases, and searched my soul for what I thought I should do. I even went as far as talking to my wife for hours on end. I ended up talking to her for five hour a day, seven days a week. Crazy right? No, that was

the absolute best three months that I ever had in my entire life.

The love started to flow between us and my heart was singing louder than ever before. The wheel where spinning like crazy, my mind raced like a sports car down the track at top speeds. My engine was purring like a cat, scratching and pawing at the strings of life.

I had a huge amount of energy and I needed to focus it on something that would be my life’s work.

I was ready to create something. I asked my wife if we could build the business together. She agreed and we started right away, building a vision towards a common goal.

At first we thought we could help save the whole world. It sounded like a great idea but without a plan there was no vision to get our message out to the world. I really wanted to help fix the divorce rate that has been destroying families lives around the world but how do we do this?

My wife was already helping Japanese women deal with issues in there lives. The vision was to fix our own relationship to highest degree. We started to open ourselves up to the truths about life and what was inside our minds. The true path to helping others is by helping ourselves heal first. The common goal was to work on the topics in life that we could improve on, like communication between us and trust and truth about who we were inside our souls. We thought by living an authentic life we could help others see how we lived.

The business vision came a little more interestingly though. We created a plan of action to formulate a step by step system to guide our clients on a journey to success. Our vision was to help Japanese women around the world live a joyful and happy life. We do this with love, compassion, empathy, kindness and gratitude towards the people we serve on this planet.

Our vision has been set in motion for all to see.

Then one afternoon I was searching on Facebook and came across an ad for a business workshop event in my local town. I had never attended any kind of workshop in my entire life but I had a gut feeling that drew me towards this event. This was very new to me but I’d learned to trust my gut.

Days went by until I got a phone call from their office asking if I was ready for the upcoming

event. I tell you, I was scared out my tree at that point. I wondered what they were going to sell me, and what was the deal with this event. My logic was telling me that this was some kind of scam but my gut still insisted that I go.

I felt something was really different about Make Your Mark Training & Consulting. The owner’s name was #ColinSprake and I said to myself, “Who the heck is this guy?” I had never heard of him before so I went online and like so many of us, I started to Google him. I found so many amazing positive words about Colin and it started to ease my fears. I felt pretty inspired

that I was going to meet his in the next few days.

I had so many old stories running in my head. What if he found out I had no idea how to run a business or was a complete failure in life up to this point of my life? I even asked myself in the morning, “Should I go to this event?” I started to get dressed and had a hard time quieting all the voices in my head, coming up with excuses not to go. I’d heard all those excuses time and time again, so I wasn’t going to let them stop me this time. This was my time to be a man at 47 years old!

I still had this scared little boy buried deep within my soul. This sad, little boy had been trapped by his own fears and was waiting to get out from the clutches of despair. I wondered what it would take to free him.

I parked my car and sat for a little while as I gathered my thoughts, I am really going to do this? I had signed up my wife to come as well and although she was skeptical, she had agreed to join me. It was a three day event that promised to take me places and open

up doors to rocket my business forward.

I opened the door and pushed myself towards what was going to be a life changing moment in my life. I knew this, but didn’t think about how big an impact it would have on my life.

The event was very well organized. They made us feel like VIPs, and in no time at all they had us signed in and ready to go. I couldn’t believe that there were caring people like this on this planet.

They had this glow of light around them that I have never seen before. Standing in front of them was like the sun shinning upon my face. When I walked up to the registration table, I could feel heat coming from them. I felt like I was sitting by my fireplace with a hot chocolate in my hand. The moment that I was greeted, my face lit up like a Christmas tree. It’s hard to explain in words where I was, but I new I was in the right place.

150 other business owners were also waiting in line to see this man who I didn’t even know. I was thinking, “What the heck is this? Who plays loud music at a business training event?” I couldn’t believe it! I started to listen to this man talk and what I can tell you is that my heart was opened up to possibilities that I had never even dreamed of. I didn’t know it at the time, but what I did know was my life was about to be turned upside down in a good way.

The Colin Sprake event was all about business but I knew there was more to this then what he was saying. There was definitely business advice, but there was a whole lot of transformation going on besides that. It changed the way I looked at myself and by the end

of the event I was convinced that I could be and do anything that I put my mind to.

My life had been moved to a whole new level of understanding of who I am, why I am here on this planet to do now as a result of that three day Business Mastery training. I started on a journey with Make Your Mark Training And Consulting, learning how to run a successful business or as I put it, working on my mindset and create new habits that really served my life for the better.

I was still focused on drinking too much but something happen when my wife went to Japan on a business trip in November of 2016. I started to drink everyday she was away. I couldn’t stop myself. I had lost all self control and my desire to drink myself into a stupor took over. When my wife came back from Japan, she asked me, “How much were you drinking when I was gone?”

I couldn’t lie to her anymore. I told her, “Everyday you were gone away.”

She said, “What do you want to do with your life? Do you want to drink your life away? If so, then don’t come anymore if you want to drink. You can find a new home to live in because if you want to drink then you must create your own life in a bottle.”

I had finally found a reason to want more out of life than living a desperate life of a man with alcohol addictions who would never know what success really looked like. I knew for me to happy in my life I had to take a leap of faith into world of clean, clarity and for this to happen it was time to drastically change my mindset around what I want in life.

Did I want to live day by day in addictive behaviours, or did I want more out of the life that I knew could be much more? I started to understand that I had a choices in life. It was my choice to drink so it was my choice to live the life that I always wanted and dreamed of.

For this to come into my life I needed to figure out a process to follow. The first step was to stop drinking for my own health. The next step was to go back into past and find what was creating my issues in my life now.

Once I found out what was bothering me, I started to heal the pains in my life. The next step was to create a routine everyday, that I would follow. I started to get up early every morning and meditate, I’d go for daily walks for my exercise. I would write in my daily journal about my true feelings. The biggest process was to start to let go of my fears in my life. The first few months I had this uncomfortable feeling every time I drove by the beer store. I had this uneasy thought in my mind and this feeling in my gut was turning like turbo charged engine on an airplane.

The one main thought that was filling my mind was that I wanted to live my life free of negative happenings in my life. Don’t get me wrong, things have crept up in my thoughts, but now I can deal with them as they come, instead of drinking my pains away with a bottle of alcohol. I made a conscious decision to stop drinking forever. This was the biggest challenge

in my entire life. I had been drinking my whole life, how could I stop my go to stress reliever that I’d had since childhood? I knew it was time take the leap of faith and create more good things in my life.

After I stopped drinking, my body went into this downward spiral of craving alcohol like a man starving for sex. I love sex, but my desire for alcohol was even stronger. I knew this was a choice that wouldn’t be easy. My wife didn’t want to trust that I completely stopped drinking, but after one year, I started to believe it for myself. I knew this was for real, and it would be a life long mission that I would be choosing to take.

Pretty soon I started to find the key to my inner peace within my life. One of the ways I found inner peace was through the love for myself that I didn’t have before. I look into the mirror everyday and tell myself I love you. I use a process called the mirror exercise. In this process you look into a mirror and tell yourself what you love the most about yourself and how great you are. This process helped me connect with an amazing feeling that made me weep inside my soul. I do this every time I see a mirror now, in my home or in a store when I am out shopping with my family. I say it out loud so that it to goes into my subconscious mind.

I have been working on my subconscious mind using meditation to clear my mind. To make it even more powerful I began creating my own affirmations and this has moved my life to next level of clear clarity. I found that they really helped support my new direction. For the rest of my entire life I will use them because they are a powerful key to success, and for living the life that I always wanted and desired.

Am I happier? Yes!! I am in the process of becoming whole, healthy, and abundantly wealthy. I feel like I am finally starting to live the life that I always wanted and desired, but never knew was possible for me. Life has becoming amazing, and I know now that we never stop progressing towards greatness until greatness is achieved. It’s not only for the lucky few, it’s for anyone who is willing to face their challenges and keep on going until they have achieved what they want out of life. Loving the life I live is my success story.

I used to hate life and resent others’ successes. Now I know that I can have it too. I am never going to give up on what I want or desire in life!

The journey we take in life is a path to greatness that best describes us as who we are inside our souls. The moment of truth is when we as individuals, take 100% responsibility for our lives and the actions we take on a day to day bases. There are thoughts in our minds that have been transposed from when we are little children, taught by our parents, the good and the bad as well as the ugly things in life. The moment we take in consideration that we are energy beings going through life on a stream of light, we begin to find our way.

Finding our own life’s purpose is the most beneficial step that we can take towards our inner greatness and a life that we deserve and dream of. Writing in full detail our life’s goals and dreams is by far one the most important steps to clarify who we are and where we want to go as individuals.

I write down in a daily journal my inspirations, gratitudes and deepest feelings towards the people that I love. This process really helped me on my path to inner peace. When I have uncomfortable and undesirable moments come into my life, I stop and look back into my past memories to find out why these feelings have entered my thoughts.

I was living a victim lifestyle until I started to forgive myself for thinking I was a bad person and that people were trying to hurt me with words. I changed the words I was saying towards myself and others. I stopped thinking about how people looked at me, no one was judging me, excepted the fact was that I was judging myself and others for how they treated me.

One of my favorite steps is to stop blaming others for our misfortunes in life. I truly believe that this step on it’s own will change someones outlook on life. Back to step one, take 100% responsibility, for our own life. I now know that self love is a amazing step that helped me with my self confidence in life. I use a method call mirror exercise process were you look at yourself in the mirror every morning and tell yourself what you like about you and how much you mean to yourself. When I first did this process tears ran down my face. I had never looked at myself as being a man with love in his heart. Now when I look in the mirror, I truly see a man as a beautiful soul, like a shinning star in sky.

We all have love in our souls, and we want to be seen in this world. With this process, you can be the person that you were meant to be on this wonderful planet. The universe in filled with energy flowing from place to place and person to person. I can say with confidence that we all are gifted with love in our hearts that wants to be released towards others around the world.

This step of letting go of money fears is by far my biggest stepping stone towards my freedom in my life. I had a massive blocks surrounding money, that stopped me from living the life that I always wanted. I was taught by my parents that money didn’t grow on trees and you had to work hard for success in life, get a job, work long hours and so on. I always worked pay check to pay check most of my life, going all the way back to when I was fifteen years old or even younger than that.

I started working on the farm were I was very young. I remember I would milk cows, and clean cow shit out of the stalls. In the summer months we had no choice in the matter of working on the farm. I was told if you didn’t work you would never become anything in this world. This brought upon fear in my mind. Remember when I said all of pains came from our past, well this was one of them.

Forgiveness to my parents who didn’t know any other way to teach me. A major step here was when I stopped blaming others for my present reality. The main point to this is with all fears they come from somewhere in life, it’s how we deal with them that counts. I still have pop-ups sometimes in my life, but for the most part they have subsided.

I started to looked into why these fears came into my thought and with a process of truly understanding the reason why happen then I could release them as they arise. Dealing with fears as they come ASAP is the key to our success. Every event in our life is a step in the right direction even if it is painful. This is how we grow as human beings. We grow stronger as each

event happens to us. The responses that we allow ourselves to feel creates the outcome for us see the truth in life.

Take a moment to appreciate and give gratitude to all the moments as they come. The universe is create 24/7 for what we ask for, no matter what the outcome may be, good, bad and the uncomfortable as the are. The words the thought and actions we take always have a reaction coming from what we want. This is the Law Of Attraction. Use the universe to serve you in your path to success in our life. I didn’t understand how it all worked growing up and still don’t fully understand it but what I do know is that we all can create what we want. This

is a fact of life that people don’t want to accept. Let go of your thoughts and give in to the creation.

On a final note as you read this book, my hope and mission is to help millions of people a round the world dealing with Addictive Behaviours, that are breaking down our core family values. With the true understanding that we as human being create everything in life. My task in life is to spark a thought in your mind. We all have a purpose and gifts in our souls. The time is now to release them to the world with love in our hearts compassion in our intentions towards others.

Give gratitude to those who you love and care for. We do this not only to them but help heal our inner soul that moves through time space thousands of years after we have long gone. For this is my mission in life to heal the world one step at a time.

It was a long journey for me from zero to hero, and if a drug addicted, alcoholic who ran away from putting in any kind of effort can make the shift to a better life, you can too. I was afraid every day, about not living up to every one’s expectations and my own potential. I ran from my present and from my future. It was only when I stopped running and made some hard choices, that my life started to turn around. It didn’t happen overnight, but it happened and

now I am living the life I was meant to live, happy, healthy, loved and strong.

Everyone’s journey is different but if you are looking for something in your life that isn’t there now, I’ve gathered the 20 most powerful and inspirational tips to help you get started.

The 20 most powerful and inspirational ways to live with joy and happiness

1. Have a purpose in life and most of all, take action on your purpose.

2. Create a detailed long & short term goals that you want to achieve in the next 5 years.

3. Write down in a journal all your gratitude towards your life’s goals every single day.

4. Write down your success moments every day.

5. Stop living in the past and stop being a victim of life.

6. Start forgiving yourself for the mistakes you have made.

7. Start forgiving others that may have hurt you or done harm to you.

8. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are the most important person in the world.

9. Ask yourself, “Who is stopping me from achieving greatness in life?”

10. Start spending money without fear of losing money!

11. Start facing your inner fears within your life.

12. Look at your past pains and find out why those feelings are coming into your life NOW.

13. Learn how to use the Law of Attraction.

14. Stop procrastinating! “Just Do It.”

15. Create affirmations for a positive lifestyle (Money, Health, Happiness, Relationships).

16. Let go of all negative people in your life that are holding you back from happiness. (If it is a spouse then please seek counsel)

17. Learn to mastermind with your spouse about what your common goal are. (Children, Money, Health, Future)

18. Live everyday as if it’s your last!

19. Never look at life as if it is a failure, always think of life and its challenges as a learning experience every single day!

20. The only person that is stopping you from happiness is you! Don’t let other people control

your happiness.

Now is the time to take action on what you desire within your life today so that you can say, “Thank You"

Thank You For Reading My Life Story Up Until 2018 !”

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