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The Courage To Be Sober


I want to take you on a journey to self-recovery with a man on a mission to help others help themselves. I have always wondered why some people on this planet see the world as half full and some see their cup as half empty. I genuinely believe that we all can live our life by filling up our own cups on the journey to happiness. What might be one person's happiness may not be someone else's happiness in their own eyes. What is the truth? I want people to hear a story about how I filled up my cup with alcohol to make me happy. Why did I need alcohol to make others like me, so I could like myself?

The journey to stop drinking was a process that I know can work for many people seeking something more than just a glass of beer or as so many of us call it a wobbly pop for happiness. I am a man who knows what it means to live a life of unsureness and loneliness. The only way I could feel whole was by looking at life with glasses with a pitcher of beer painted on the lens.

Your journey begins today!!

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