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The Courage To Be Sober Chapter 10

Why Is Sobriety Important For The Soul

I want to let you know why sobriety was so very important to me and my family life. I had been failing at life surrounding my addictions in the past big time. I was looking at my life as being poor me, always wondering if I would ever crawl out of the dark empty hole I called sweet lady whisky.

My childhood was just ok and kind of like I was looking out a window with nothing outside to see, no trees, green grass or beautiful flowers to enjoy. I know all the splendours of life were there to see but in my mind, there was emptiness behind the walls of Jericho. Beyond the vast world of reality, there was light at the moment of truth when I want to see it for myself. The only thing stopping me was me.

That sounds like a cliche but honestly, I wasn’t happy with who I really was at that moment of my life. I thought I was the only one feeling the way I did but now I know there are millions of people around the world seeing life just as I did as being unwanted, unloved, sad and lonely waiting for someone or something to save me. Yes, there are many helpful souls out in the world that want to love and care but until I love myself there is no one that can 100 percent fix my inner pain that is deep beneath my soul. The reason why it’s so important to see one's self as the greatest human being on this glorious planet that is we are loved by the one person who is looking back at us in the mirror of life.

I can tell you the truth or I can lie to YOU!! (The lie first) - To stop drinking is hard to do!! (The truth next) - You have to want to face yourself!! The perception of the truth is most often seen as words we use but the truth is most people DO NOT want to look at themselves in the mirror because they are afraid of who they really are deep inside. When we let go of fear and judgment of ourselves we will be better off in the long run of life. Remember we only have one life on this planet for such a short time in the grand scheme of how old the planet earth is.

Take hold of your life and run so fast that the wind is pushing you back. Life is filled with the truth when we want to see it for ourselves. Open your eyes to the splendours of what you have to offer the world and to yourself.

When I stopped the consumption of drugs and alcohol that was clouding my thoughts and judgment. I started to see the world in a different colour that wasn’t there before but was already in front of me. Why was this such a pivotal point in my life? Well, the reason was so obvious but because I never wanted to hear it or see it to be true.

I was so afraid of the unknown that the hair on the back of my head would stand up at attention with such vitality, that I couldn’t stand it anymore. It was showing me the truth of what I was running away from. No matter how fast I would run the reality was catching up on me like a cheetah running down its prey. I was the prey of my own demise, my

own shadow you can say. I was this scared child in a man's body waiting to be eaten up alive.

The reality was I was the one chasing myself, I was the victim of my own stories that I was telling myself. I looked up at the sky and said STOP lying to yourself and face the fact that you are hurting yourself with every puff and drink you take.

The Biggest Steps I Took For My Sobriety

1. Stop lying to myself and to the universe

2. Facing my fears

3. Looking internally for the truth of who I am

4. Stop looking at life as half empty

5. Stop using my addiction as a tool to cover my pains

6. Taking 100% responsibility for my life

7. Stop blaming the situations of the world for my issues or problems

8. Looking into the mirror and saying I love you

9. Accepting that I create my life or reality every single second of each day

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