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The Courage To Be Sober Chapter 12

Overcome The Roadblocks In Front Of You

First off I never wanted to face the roadblocks that were stopping me from recovery, until I had an undeniable urge for change in my life. In my past, I was called the biggest procrastinator in the world, well in my house that is LOL. I would talk big but I had a big mouth with no solution that spoke the truth. I was a big fat liar in other words.

No one would tell me any other way of thinking, I refused their advice or criticism by any means. When I was faced with the truth I would run away like the scared little boy I was. Why was this the biggest roadblock in my life? Well, the truth was I didn’t want to see myself, I wasn’t ready in my mindset to face my demons. But the question was when I am ready to face the pains deep inside me. That was the first roadblock I said when I am ready I will face.

That is bullshit when I am ready, the reality is I didn’t want to face anything in my life, not then anyway. When was the best time to face my pains and fears in my life? The answer is right now there is no tomorrow yes, that is easy to say now but back then I was strongly steadfast

towards a poor me attitude and wasn’t facing anything. The best time is right now.

I believe that I didn’t want the pain that may have come after. To tell you the truth there was some pain but it didn’t last very long. Like the old adage says “NO PAIN NO GAIN” in life. If I want to have a well-shaped mind I would need to work out my thoughts and release my painful feelings.

My brain was soft and flabby like my soft body. To build a strong mindset I need to build a

well-balanced way of thinking by releasing my fears about the future I was about to embark on. Why was this so important for my growth as a person well, it was the first step toward the life I truly desired and dreamed of.

Every day was a moment of truth, every day was like running a marathon of sorts until the feeling started to diminish from my thoughts. I am still working on those fears and pains in my life because I had so many of them. I ask myself when will I become happy in life?

I said when you stop being afraid of the darkness and your own shadow. When seeking the truth the truth is unveiled in front of our eyes on a daily basis. There are pain and pleasures around every corner of life. I needed to see everything and say my truth to the world, well this is a learning opportunity for my happiness.

If I only saw life like I do today, I would be a millionaire. But that is a fantasy because the path was already written for me up until this point and now what I write towards my future is clear as a winter's day. I can see with newly opened eyes my future is bright and fruitful. Yes, there will be roadblocks in front of me but now I am able to deal with them as an opportunity instead of a failure in life.

Steps To Overcome Roadblocks

1. Stop procrastinating

2. Have a clear vision of our future

3. Face our roadblocks

4. Ask ourselves what we want out of life

5. Fears and pains are opportunities to grow

6. Roadblocks are meant to help not hinder

7. Always move forward never backwards

8. Stop dwelling on the past

9. Remember you have the key to happiness

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