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The Courage To Be Sober Chapter 13

Never Give Up On Your Goal Of Sobriety

The consequence of not giving up my addictions was that I had to stay in a lying state of mind. My happiness was in jeopardy of being forever forgotten. I wouldn’t have been still married to my wife if she hadn’t said make your own decision whether to drink your way to the pearly gates or stay alive, it's your choice to make, but what she had said to me was she was going to be happy whether I was in her life or not. This sent shivers down my spine as if

lightning struck upon my soul, a sweat started to drip down my forehead with fear and anxiety pouring out from within my core being of who I was. I hated the fact that my addictions were overtaking my thoughts. I have always been a fighter of sorts, a never-give-up kinda guy. So this was a challenge put forth upon me. What did I do to change my path regarding how I did everything in life?

I started to ask myself some very straightforward questions about who I was and the life I wanted to live in my future. Who was this man on a mission to find the truth? Well, the truth found me, head-on full-force punch in the gut style. I had to accept the reality that I had addictive behaviours and a drug-smoking avoider that only thought of himself as a person with a chip on his shoulders. I am not a drunk, I am not a pot-smoking man. I am a human being lost in a fishbowl waiting to die a slow death of despair. Was that really true well, that's what I thought in my conscious mind to tell you the honest truth. I was all mixed up in my foggy brain.

I want nothing to do with sobriety in any shape or form, I was in denial big time. But I wanted my cake and ate it all up like the little piggy I was. When I drank alcohol I didn’t stop for anything, not even my health. I didn’t care for my children, my family was secondary to my

a big bottle of pain relief.

I want you to know the truth about my feelings when you read this book!! I was a man with no feelings about anyone except myself. Why tell everyone your true feelings well, by telling people how I was thinking maybe someone can see me as a mirror of themselves. We are all filled with the same ingredients as the human race.

There is no difference between me and anyone else on this amazing planet we call earth. I have fears just like anyone but what I have realized is that I can deal with them as an opportunity to grow into a beautiful butterfly instead of dying as a man with no path or direction in his life. I write this book to release my words on paper to help people help themselves.

Steps Toward Sobriety

1. Face your fears

2. Stop running away from yourself

3. Stop lying to yourself

4. Stay focused on your goals

5. See your habits as an opportunity to learn

6. Ask yourself why is it important to stay on track

7. Be the person who you were meant to be

8. Love what you do in life

9. Have a plan for your life

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