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The Courage To Be Sober Chapter 17

The Power Of Positive Mental Attitude

I was a man with the sole purpose to reject any positive movement in my life. I looked at life with a negative attitude when I was growing up. With a poor me mindset, I would walk around with a chip on my shoulders always waiting for shit to happen to me and to others. I would be the one to watch a police car go by and want to follow to see what bad things were going on.

I was wondering what bad things were happening to people that I didn’t like or who tried to hurt me in my past. This was my pleasure in life. I didn’t see the good things in life, only the stinky rotten souls of others. Why was this so crucial in my life? Well, I was an action seeker who could never settle for being an ordinary person.

I looked at the bad things of others to make me happy. Yes, that sounds like a man on a mission of destruction rather than a man on the road to happiness. I couldn’t see others become happy before me. I even wanted my parents to be unhappy because I wasn’t allowed to be happy as a child. Though I thought so until I saw the light of a positive mental attitude towards what I wanted from life. I found what I was searching for for so many years.

The secret to my happiness was at my fingertips but couldn’t ever see it for very long, it would

come and go at various times. I would become happy then all of a sudden I would be back at a poor me attitude again. I would wonder why this was happening?

Well, the reason why was that I could only act positive means fake positive. I would say it's going just fine when in fact it wasn’t fine Or I would say tomorrow is going to be a much better day. In the back of my mind, I was telling myself these false stories about happiness like it was true. I would put on this fake act towards people like everything was just fine but the truth had

been hiding in the darkness of my soul. I would have these dark and weird dreams about the end of the world and I was the only survivor that ran the world as I pleased. LOL, that sounds so ridiculous but the thoughts in my mind were in a fantasy land all on their own.

I could trick my thoughts into believing that my life was fantastic and wonderful. I would go from falsehood to reality in a matter of a split second. My brain would try to trick me into following this path of dismay until I started to see the truth.

I was using alcohol and drugs to pretend I had everything under control. I was wrong wrong wrong about my happiness. I never knew what happiness was until a flash came upon my life.

The truth is I was creating my reality 100% of the time without a doubt, everything I was doing or saying was a result of how I thought and what I believed.

The Steps That I Used To Create A New Positive Mental Attitude

1. I stopped saying everything is ok now

2. I started to understand how the subconscious mind works

3. Take 100% accountability for my results

4. I worked on my positive mental attitude every single day

5. I used a self-check when I used fake positive words

6. I took 100% responsibility for my thoughts and feelings

7. I went to self-development courses every year

8. I found a mastermind for accountability

9. I used meditation for my relaxation daily

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