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The Courage To Be Sober Chapter 20

Ask For Love From Myself

I found the best way to attract success and more money into my life!! I was always seeking love and approval from others but never giving love and care to myself. Why was this my pattern? I could never really accept love, I thought the path to success was to give love to others before I could receive love.

How about giving love to my own well-being. I have seen over and over again with people that I was always looking for something that was already there in my life but didn’t know how to receive love from myself. I believe whole hardily that love is the most powerful element known to the universe. Love cures all pains and diseases on this planet if we could only love ourselves, then we could have everything we desired without exception.

The universe knows how much we care for each other but doesn’t know how much we care for one's self unless we show it. When is it the best time to change our thinking well, right

now would be the only and best time to shift our way of thinking to self-love? I have learned this lesson about myself. What I think I can achieve with true dedication toward what I want in life. There must be no doubt in our minds about love and happiness. it must be a 100% creative thought process on a daily basis.

Does this work overnight? NO!

This is a process whereby we are working on our personal growth on a daily basis. Until we have it stamped into our subconscious thought this takes practice, patience and perseverance on our part. The dedication of one's self is a choice that we make and for

all purposes, this is my mission to create the best version of myself possible. Yes, I had doubts on many days about my path of self-love but what I have now is like nothing I could buy on Amazon or walk into a store and buy off the shelves.

I created my own love store deep in my heart. My thoughts have deceived me in the past, but with a plan and lots of practice, I have been on the path toward love and care ever since. Have I found the end of the road to success, have I learned all that I need to create everything I want in life, well the truth is I will be working on myself for the rest of my natural life until I move on to the promised land and onto the next glorious life!! The planet we live on is millions of years old and will be here long past my life but I will be back again to learn more about how I can create my inner understandings and truths of the universe.

Mark my words I will never stop taking care of the one person that is most important and that is ME. Yes, love the people around me on an ongoing basis. When I wake up in the morning I will always see the person looking back at me in the mirror. That I do know to be the truth.

What Steps Did I Take Towards Self love

1. Looked upon me as the most important person

2. I talk to myself as if I was the most loved individual on this planet

3. I looked in the mirror and said I love

4. I rewarded myself for my successes in life on a daily basis

5. Took care of my health

6. Worked on my inner-self on a daily basis

7. Healed my inner pains

8. Took 100% accountability for my life

9. Stopped blaming others for my lack of abundance

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