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The Courage To Be Sober Chapter 21

Tools I Used For My Sobriety

In my life, I never knew it was possible to use so many tools in my belt of life skills to help heal my addictions. I have a brain and that was the best tool for understanding what to do when I was feeling an urge towards having a drink or smoke pot. I had an epiphany whereby I could cognitively process what was going on in my brain. I had the power to create what I want and what I was doing in my life.

I was never taught this when I was a child but as I started to study the brain, I could see the truth unfold right in front of my eyes. I am not going to get into the details of how the brain works, because it would take an entire book to explain it in full detail. But what I can say is what we think, say and feel all come from our subconscious minds through our influences as per when we are young children growing up even going as far back as being inside our mothers whom we have memory stamped into our thoughts. There are many other tools like core values we hold in our hearts, which means how we live our lives.

There is a tool that I use called CBA Cost-Benefit Analysts just like I use in my business life I used it for my addictions. What was the cost of drinking and smoking? What were the benefits of drinking compared to not dealing with my addictions at all? Analyzing why I was creating substance abuse in my life. One of my favourite tools is the ABC’S Actions Beliefs Consequences.

When I found the use of meditation I was so happy and grateful for my actions toward my mindful way of living the life I desired. With meditation brought peace of mind and embodiment to my soul like no other on this amazing planet. There are many other tools that I could mention but please see and practice what suits your needs for sobriety in your life. I didn’t always use these tools as I said. I didn’t find these because I didn’t want to create happiness in my life. When I was committed to my happiness I took responsibility for my life in a big way. Looking at my life with foggy glasses blinded me from the truth. I knew deep inside that I needed to change but was bull-headed to think these tools could work for me.

I was told as a child that big boys don’t cry. What a bullshit story that was yes, we can cry and we can have happiness when we are open to the possibilities of changing within. No one changes their mind, only changes the way we look at life as a whole.

To change is to see the truth within the soul that looks back at you from within the mirror of life. How we live our lives is what shows up in everything we do towards our future, I learned the hard way well, it seemed hard at the time until I experienced it for myself. You can do what you please but, the truth is yours for the taking and that is your choice in your life.


The Tools I Used For My Sobriety.

1. What are my core values

2. I used the ABC’s Activating Beliefs Consequences

3. I recommend the CBA tool

4. Check out the USA tool Unconditional Self Acceptance tool

5. Meditation is a great tool for peace of mind

6. Mindfulness is a perfect example of self-awareness.

7. Exercise every day

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