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The Courage To Be Sober Chapter 23

This Is Not The Last Dance In Life

I was put upon the dance floor of life for a reason but what I didn’t know was what form of dance was I supposed to create. I wasn’t quite sure of the style or the mood I was to move too.

This had to be shaped like a block of clay ready to create a masterpiece that I called my life mission. Just like sculptures in this world, we all have a vision of what they were to create, and though I had an idea, I wasn’t sure what my life was going to turn out to be. But until I released the pains surrounding my purpose in life, I knew I wasn’t going to live to my potential if I was to stay in the same routine I had been already for so many years.

The universe wasn’t shaped in a day, but our life span doesn’t last for millions of years, yes our life energy is as old as the universe but our shell grows and dies with the ageing of our planet. I truly believe that I could do more in the time I have on this planet to do more than I was doing already.

I could do anything I put my mind to. The only person stopping me IS ME!! So why was I scared of the big bad wolf that looked back at me in the mirror of life?

Am I scared of death yes, am I afraid of failure YES. There were so many obstacles that I put forth in front of me. For this was my own doing, that came from my self-doubt, well these images I put into my own thoughts. The world may look harsh and hard to deal with at times, but I create those thoughts and put them into my subconscious mind. I am the one that would take them out.

How do I get them out?

I asked this question to myself for these thoughts have been lingering upon my mind on a daily basis for years. With practice, I could reshape and reprogram my mind's thoughts toward what I wanted instead of the things I was afraid of and the things I knew I could do but hesitated on a daily basis.

The dance of life is always moving in such force that I began to see what was important to my health and wellbeing. There were times when I thought I had two left feet always stumbling around like I didn’t know the moves.

This was my mind moving faster than my brain that couldn’t comprehend the truth. I made many mistakes along the way, but when I found what worked for me I clung to that feeling like a flea on a dog. Often what didn’t work I felt very uneasy about but I left them by the waste side as a clue when that same happening was on my mind again.

The question is when is it the right time to take action on those feelings that did make sense to me. Well, the dance had to move like a jagger and feel right to me otherwise I didn’t take action. Every time I made a mistake in my life something happen to me. For example, I would get mad at my wife for pushing me to stop drinking then I would find a reason to go drink and then escape my true feelings that I didn’t want to face.

What Was My Biggest Aha Moment?

1. Every move I make has an effect on my life

2. When I try to control other people’s environment I affect my own

3. When I deny my true feeling I am hurting my

4. I always re-correct my life towards what feels right to me

5. Take action on what I feel inside my thoughts

6. Take responsibility for my thoughts

7. I allowed my thoughts to be heard no matter what

8. I always allow new ideas to come into my life

9. I learn new processes every single day that helps me towards my greatness

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