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The Courage To Be Sober Chapter 24

Where Did I Get New And Fresh Ideas?

The most inspirational ideas came from what happened in my life. Let me tell you what I mean by this! When my wife asked me for a divorce fifteen years ago I thought that was the most painful moment that happened to me, but what I realized when we got remarried six years later as I had pain surrounding someone hating me forever. This feeling was unacceptable to me. With this, I could blame her for my mistakes. So easy to blame right!

Wrong, this was a learning opportunity to see what I was doing to create my reality. This is what I have learned in the many years of self-development, seeing the pain within is what I want to happen in my life, so I could receive more of what I needed to feel this way.

I learn more from people watching daily than just closing my eyes to what was in front of me. I could be just walking down the street and noticing someone doing an act of kindness or the opposite hurting another human being, and then I could ask myself why did I need to see this. With kindness, I could ask myself am I doing acts of kindness towards myself or am I just

acting kind towards others to make myself happy. When I see acts of hurtfulness then I could ask myself am I hurting people without even knowing what I am doing. People watching is the best cure for what I didn’t want to face in my life.

When I went to my first self-development event I thought I knew everything about personal growth but that was so far from the truth! I was like a newborn baby seeing the world for the first time. My mouth was wide open like a baby bird waiting for the worm from the momma bird. In each event I attended, there was a learning opportunity to grow and expand my mind. I learned about how the law of the universe works, I learned great lessons about who I am, and who I want to be on this planet.

I started to read books about self-development and watch videos that have given me an amazing insight into the growth of the human mind. How to use what I have, to improve my life to new levels of clear clarity.

The biggest insight I have learned is to have a mastermind connection with my wife. She is the most inspirational connection that one could have towards what one wants in life. I bounce ideas off her and her off me to truly create a true understanding of who we want to be in life.

What Are The Tips I Use?

1. People watching is key

2. Read books on personal growth

3. Go to self-development events

4. Watch videos about life and personal growth

5. See myself is key to understanding who I am

6. Get a mentor or life coach

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