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The Courage To Be Sober Chapter 26

Why My Trickle Down Method Is Working For Me

Just like a river and waterfalls, they always flow towards their destination without interruption unless blocked by something like a dam. Yes, you can agree that we are mostly made up of water right? Just imagine if we could flow our lives like water and always flowing in such a way whereby we are at our peak performance without obstructions in our lives. We would be these amazing and productive individuals on this planet.

But when we dampen our lives with what we don’t want we stop the flow of energy towards where we want to go. Just imagine for a moment we have a method that works to unblock and allow our energy to flow cleanly and clearly would you do it. The answer for me would be YES, tell me more, please! If we want to change the way we feel we need to change the way we do everything in our lives! I knew in my life I needed to change the way I looked at my life as a whole, for example, I always complained about my wife and where did that get me well, I went straight to the liquor store for a six pack of beer or more depending on how bad I felt at that time.

Who was creating the urge to drink? ME of course!! I just used her as an excuse to get drunk. The thing is that I was blocking the flow of acceptance into my life. I have found if I did little things every day that benefited my well-being towards my happiness I would improve my inner core which was all messed up with negative thoughts and habits that weren’t serving

me at all.

I call them baby steps with love at the core of living an authentic life towards the happiness that I deserved within. I believe we all deserve happiness, you can agree right but even with baby steps I still felt like shit at times. I thought after a year these negative thoughts would disappear well, that was a fantasy.

The fact is that mindfulness is lifelong with dedication without stopping until the finish line and the final destination is when we are dead. Yes, this sounds harsh but the truth is when we want to be happy we would need to work on our core soul on a continuous basis. Our past feelings are what we want in our present happenings. Our Moods on a daily basis dictate

what we want to receive into our lives as a feeling from the past happening.

Working on our personal growth aspect of ourselves is the key to long-term sobriety, happiness and loving relationships.

I don’t know about you but I am on the path towards a life of happiness on a continuous basis with baby steps. Yes sometimes I will slip up but with practice, I am on the right path of glory and pure happiness. Allow the water in you to flow towards the life that you want and always dreamed of.

The Keys To Water flow In My Life

1. Always take baby steps towards my goals

2. Allow the energy to flow without blockages

3. To change my mood I need to change the way I think

4. To release my pains I need to accept my past

5. What we think we create 100% of the time

6. Take 100% accountability for my life

7. Take action on what I want until my death

8. Live my life like it is my last breath

9. Remove all blockages to allow the water to flow with ease.

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