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The Courage To Be Sober Chapter 27

What Were My Core Values Surrounding My Addictions

What did I know about core values well, I thought core values were something that I was born with and also taught by my parents. The thing about being taught values is that I took on my parent's values and they may have been what I thought they were supposed to be but may have been mistaken from my interpretation of what values really meant. As for my parent's core values, they were what their mother and father taught them and how their parents taught them.

They are what we think and believe to be true values to them. The fact is that my core values were not really mine that I created all by myself. They were fragments of my family's core values. Let’s talk truthfully, my values were all screwed up from the way I thought of the world from the TV I watched, the radio I listen to seeing my parents go through life on a daily basis.

For me to create my own values I would need to see what is important to me not what my surrounding family values are. Yes, I could see what my parents were doing to gauge my life path was going to be and who I wanted to be. To recognize my life energy core was to create inner values for my own happiness and purposive existence that I wanted.

My values were, to say the least, a little hazy well, they were all messed up to tell you the truth. To say it was my parent’s fault is not taking responsibility for my life. I would, in fact, need to release the notions of fault to any one thing or person for my life’s core values. I started to ask a very important question about a life-long dream of living the core energy lifestyle that I knew I had within me. I followed my gut instincts and low and behold the puzzle was forming in front of my eyes.

I shifted my beliefs and purpose in my life. I was on a mission for inner personal growth over five years ago. I stopped smoking pot and in 2016 I made my biggest decision to stop drinking alcohol. I found out that my core values surrounded alcohol and not my family. I was shocked to see the truth but I knew that my life was about moving in a direction that was meant for me! What an amazing feeling. I can say that life today is by far the most enjoyable than ever before. Every day seemed like a new beginning of clear clarity. I didn’t know that life could be this amazing ever. I could smell the flowers once again, I could taste food like never before.

My eyes started to see a light within my soul once again. It was like I had a new lease on life. Was this really what life was all about with happiness and bliss all around me. Yes, it was challenging at times with so many bumps along the way, but what I knew at my core as I was on the right track to living the life I dreamed of and truly desired.

What I Learned About My Core Values

1. I create my core energy within

2. I am not a product of my environment unless I choose it

3. My core values in the energy that I want in my life

4. Take 100% responsibility for my own core values

5. Writing out what my core values are

6. I choose to live my life by my core values no matter what the

circumstances are around me

7. Stop blaming others for my life

8. Live an authentic life on a daily basis

9. Never give up on my path to living the life I desire and dream of

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