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The Courage To Be Sober Chapter 28

How I Saved So Much Money With Sobriety

Just imagine for a moment that I had an extra $30 dollars a day that is $210 a week wow that is $840 a month and over a year I have spent $10,080.00 now take into consideration over 30 years of spending on alcohol and marijuana that is over $300,000.00 dollars on average.

Then I add two packs of cigarettes per day now I am close to $450,000.00 dollars. My point is I was spending that much money on my pains for at least 30 years until I started to take

responsibility for what I was doing in my life. Yes, I spent lots of money on my pains but now I can take that feeling to transform that thought into happiness today. That is the magical question that I asked myself after I stopped all my addiction.

The one thing I thought of was to write my story about my life in transition to sobriety and another is to coach others on their journey to happiness. Well, I found a Non-Profit organization known as SMART Recovery that uses tools and methods for recovery as well as my own insights of how I transformed my life to where I am today. Having addictions in my life

was a choice I made and it was my choice to spend that much money on my addictions. I truly understand that money comes and goes from my life as energy flows throughout the universe.

What Were My Keys To Money

1. Letting go of the fears that I had surrounding money

2. Take what I learned about the flow of money and turn it into an

opportunity for personal growth

3. Money is like the energy that flows throughout the stream of light

beyond the known universe

4. I ask myself what was the difference between spending money on my

addictions and spending the money on a learning opportunity

5. Take 100% accountability for my spending on my pains

6. Take action on my sobriety

7. Help others help themselves

8. Finding my purpose for the money that I spent

9. Let go of the thought that I lost the money instead I said I my so much

more than yesterday

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