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The Courage To Be Sober Chapter 32

Appreciate Every Breath I Take It Maybe My Last

From the beginning of my life, there was a notion that I had a right to take in oxygen. Yes, we need to breathe to live but I took advantage of the meaning of life itself.

I didn’t really expect much from my life only eat sleep and get drunk and sometimes have sex maybe not in that order. I used drugs and alcohol to dictate my life and sex to pleasure myself. I would stare into the sky some nights wondering if my dreams would ever come true but without doing any effort.

What a backwards way of thinking I ask myself now. I was just lost in my own way of thinking at that time of my life. I thought if I did something for someone I could receive a benefit in return. How do dreams come true then I ask myself?

Do I give without expecting anything? Maybe, but this was a challenging concept to deal with in my mindset at that time, as a victim-minded person, living day to day never really taking any action on my dreams. The most important question was! What am I going to change about the outcome of my life? I knew that change was necessary for a different outcome towards what I truly wanted.

I started to give gratitude to people in my life but that was just the beginning of the process of healing. I had to change my whole way of thinking about success. Success wasn’t given to people it had to be created within. My inner core of who I was had to shift. Yes, the changes were small but in many little baby steps, I could see movement towards greatness. I started to feel a change in my core being of who I am.

Oxygen was appreciated, and the sunshine felt much different than before. There was much less stress in my thoughts about what I was creating in life. Letting go of the fears I had was another small step I took that allowed me to see the truth. I was a poor me thinker always wondering if people were laughing at me behind my back. I said to myself “WHO CARES WHAT PEOPLE THINK” the only person who could make me happy is ME! If this was my last moment on this amazing planet would I still be complaining about my life?

NO WAY I would be doing what I loved and much more. So why then was I waiting for happiness then? Well, the truth is I was scared of the unknown factor of life will or won’t I succeed in life will I make the money I always wanted and deserved? I never knew it because I didn’t believe it to be true. I wanted life to be amazing but didn’t take the time to really enjoy it.

The life I have now is by far more enjoyable because I took action toward my future happiness. It is like an elastic band the further I pulled it back the farther it went.

I knew what I was aiming at, therefore, I could hit the target much easier than if I didn’t have an idea of where I was shooting at. Think and believe in yourself 100% of the time no matter what anyone thinks of you!!

My Steps Towards Happiness

1. Be grateful every single day you are alive

2. Love yourself 100% of the time you are here on this planet

3. Love others no matter what they think of you

4. Give without expectation of anything in return

5. Create a higher vibration towards what you want and desire

6. Take 100% accountability for what you receive in your life

7. Live your life like it is the last breath you take

8. Create a never give up attitude toward your goals

9. Believe that you will achieve your dreams no matter what happens in

your life

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