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The Courage To Be Sober Chapter 33

Wishing Upon A Star Never Really Worked For Me

Does wishing for something good to happen in my life really help my life? Well, the truth be known wishing doesn’t work for what you want in life because wishing is hoping that dreams come true or wishing I had a million dollars in the bank.

This is an irrational belief that was stopping me from what I want in life. I would sometimes wish upon a star that my life would be better than it was but did it work in my case. The answer is NO way man this was by far the most foolish thought I had over my many years living on this planet. I knew it wouldn’t work but I still tried to believe it would work. As a child, I

remember being taught this song twinkle twinkle little star and truly believed that if I wished upon a star my dreams would come true.

What a myth that was. I now know that the song was only for people who didn’t believe in the law of attraction. Yes, the song is cute, warm and fuzzy to sing but it isn’t something that we should base our life on. Wishing isn’t real life, only fantasy or a make-belief way of thinking.

Setting goals and taking action on what we want for our life is what really is going to bring success to my future. For me to create the life that I desire I must do what is necessary to make my goals a reality. The biggest aha moment for me was when I wanted to meet Jack

Canfield Chicken Soup Of The Soul creator.

I wanted to sit down and have a conversation with him in 2018. I thought to myself about how to make this happen. It wasn’t a wish that made it happen! I created a list of steps to make it happen. I first found out where I could meet Jack and then I bought tickets to the event that I wanted to attend. For me to sit down with Jack, I need an opportunity, so I bought a VIP ticket to have lunch. Then I purchased an airline flight from Vancouver to Boston.

Then I booked a Hotel room at the event where it was held. Before I went to the one day to greatness event I had said to all the people I know that I was going to sit down right next to Jack while eating lunch and have a conversation with him two months before I even left. I was putting the intention to the universe that I was going to make this happen. I had NO

Doubt In My Mind!! During the event, I was thinking ok I will follow Jack while we got our food at lunch. Well, that was exactly what happened, I followed Jack to the buffet table and sat right beside him. I had forty-five min with him. My mind was so blown away by the experience.

Then I want to meet him again and spend a longer period of time talking, so how was this going to happen? Well, he offered up a five-day retreat in August of 2018 whereby I took what my gut was telling me and went for it. Yes, the price was $10,000.00 dollars for everything but the five-day event whereby I got to spend much more quality time with one of the most inspiring thought leaders on this planet today. I TOOK ACTION ON WHAT I WANTED!!

What Steps Did I Take To Make This Happen

1. I took action on what I wanted

2. I create an action plan

3. I made a list of the process to make goal into reality

4. Every step had a plan

5. I truly believed 100% it would happen

6. I never gave up on my goal

7. I spoke out to what I wanted toward others

8. I opened up my mind to new beliefs

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