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The Courage To Be Sober Chapter 34

What Did I Learn From The Event Of A Life-Time

Where do I start? Well, I can say without a doubt this event was the most inspirational and life-changing feeling in my life. I took my sixteen-year-old with me to experience an understanding of how the Law Of Attraction works. The biggest aha moment for me was I never knew what my purpose was in life. I thought I had it all figured out.

I was fighting with myself about the work I was doing up until I went to the event. The moment of truth was unveiled right in front of my eyes when I did this passion exercise whereby we wrote down what in life made me happy. I asked myself, ``What am I doing really fulfilling my

the sole purpose in life?

Well, the answer was no! I was tricking my mind into thinking I was doing what made me happy. I had made a major decision about my future. I was going to help others help themselves with their addiction issues.

I quit what I was doing at that time basically the first week I came back from this event. I knew that I was procrastinating about my true feeling up until I found the truth within me. I started a new training program to become a facilitator for a Non-profit organization called SMART Recovery which helps people with addictions. Wow, what a life-changing moment for me.

There were a few other aha moments that I would love to share with you? For example, I had an issue with people saying no to me. So I had difficulty asking for what I wanted in my life from others. We did this exercise called ask ask ask is our task whereby we had to ask people for what we wanted to receive.

We had to spend twenty minutes asking a hundred people and they had to say NO to us until the tenth time they could say YES after the tenth time. Then we do it all over again during the twenty minutes. I have never received so many No’s in my life, but I felt so liberated deep in my heart and soul. This taught me that there is a yes when I continued on the path of what truly wanted to get in my life. I still have fear surrounding asking but “I DO IT ANYWAYS” because I know that there is a yes coming to me.

There was one more amazing exercise we did called the mirror process whereby we would go back to the hotel room after the day was done and look into the mirror and say to ourselves I LOVE YOU and say all the things we find great about who we are.

When I looked into the mirror I could see a different person looking back at me. I found this process absolutely amazing. I do this exercise on a daily basis to create inner love for myself. I highly recommend this process to anyone who is having issues with self-confidence!!

Why This Event Changed My Life?

1. I learned to love myself on a deeper level

2. I learned that it is ok to ask for I wanted

3. Finding my purpose was key to my success

4. Letting go of the fear of rejection was holding me back from my true


5. I learned to take action on what I want in life

6. I created a never give up attitude in my life

7. I learned to set goals every day and finish them towards my success

8. I now have a purpose towards my lifelong passions of helping others

help themselves

9. I learned about taking 100% responsibility for my life

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