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The Courage To Be Sober Chapter 35

Letting Go Of My Old Limiting Beliefs

What is it that I need to let go of to propel my life to the next level of clear clarity?

Well, I had to let go of the belief that what I was doing in my life was right. How I was thinking was absolutely the right path no matter what was going on in my life at that time. I was so stubborn I didn’t want to believe that what I was thinking was not what helped my inner happiness. I had a belief that what was happening in my life was just fine and there was no negativity whatsoever going on in my mind. I was in such dissolution in my way of thinking that my mind was tricking me! Well, I was trying to mask what was really going on. I was in denial about my true happiness.

I was rejecting any notion that was surrounding my real feelings inside my heart and soul. I

thought if only good things come to me I could accept the bad as well. Yes, that sounded right, but that was fake positive. I had to let go of the fact and belief that I am creating only good things in my life.

That was an irrational belief on my part. To accept 100% of everything is taking responsibility for my life no matter what happens in my world. To pick and choose what we want is like I don’t want to write but I want to write a book or I want to make money but I don’t want to work or do business with anyone.

That doesn’t make sense right? I was thinking this way for thirty-odd years until I accepted what my belief was. The real truth lies in our thoughts, beliefs and feelings for what we believe life should be not what our reality really is. I often thought that people had to do for me because I did for them, that was given and taken I thought that was the way it was supposed to be but until I let go of the fact that I need to give without expectation of anything in return.

So why was this so important for my well-being towards happiness in life. For me, I had been stuck in the mud spinning my wheels going nowhere fast. I felt like a hamster on a turning wheel going on and on without a destination. I often wonder how I could get out of this rut well, I knew the answer but was so reluctant to take the plunge. I had to finally let all my fears and the old habits I had and finally throw them out of the window for good. It wasn’t easy to tell you the truth but I want to share everything.

Yes, I still have moments whereby something will come up in my life and again but I knew that they had to go right away for my own well-being.

I don’t waste any time on the issues because I know they will stay in my subconscious mind forever until I release them. I ask myself many times why I didn't find out about this process before, I wasn’t ready to accept the truth yet.

My soul was stuck for a reason. I needed to learn more about who I am and what I needed to do in my life for me to move on to the next stage of my reality in my sobriety today.

The Steps I Needed To Take To Let Go Of My Beliefs

1. I truly give up my past beliefs

2. Take control of my future

3. Become the person who I truly wanted to be

4. Take 100% accountability for my thoughts, feelings and beliefs

5. Learn how the subconscious mind works towards my sobriety

6. Let go of all my fears

7. Practice patients on a daily basis

8. Stop looking at what other people are during mean work on my own life

9. Take action on my goals and dreams in my life

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