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The Courage To Be Sober Chapter 39

The Rule Of Five Towards Recovering From Addictions

The rule of five is a key component toward creating successful habits that help me on my journey to sobriety. I use this method for many new habits forming pathways to success in my life in the present day. I know it works because I have been sober for nearly three years now. I also use it to write my books, this puts me on a course towards what I want to take action on a daily basis.

Let me tell you how it works well, the best way that I can explain in words. It all starts with a list of the five hardest things I want to do in a day, for my sobriety or the task that I want to accomplish. I write down on a sticky note the night before what I need to do in order to get what I want to get done or for my addictions.

I would write down the five things that I needed to face on a daily basis that triggered my addictions. I would ask them a form of a question and then I would answer them every day. Some of them were in the form of a task that I was going to accomplish that day.

For example:

1. Why is doing my meditation important today for my inner guidance system?

2. Why is going for a walk important for my health?

3. Why is it important not to drink today for my sobriety?

4. What are the benefits of sobriety toward my goals and dreams in my life


5. What am I going to do if an urge comes into my thoughts today?

I would write these five things for thirty days until I created these as a new habit for my sobriety on a daily basis. Some of them I write down still to this day after two years of doing this process and that is because I want to create success in my life. I had such a strong belief surrounding my old habits that they need more attention than other new habits that I am creating in my life.

I truly know that my life is important and my path to success is my number one priority for me. The only one that can create my success is me and no one else. This is why personal growth is a life-long process. We never stop working on ourselves. If I believed that I learned everything in a matter of a few years I was in Lala land. I would be lying to myself and to the universe.

I know because I have stopped doing my new daily habits before I went right back to my old habits in a matter of a few weeks. Then I had to start all over again from day one. I have to do these tasks every day even if I don’t want to, this is the law of habits. I had to ask myself some simple questions!

What are you willing to do to create what you want in your life?

What is your purpose in life?

Why is it so important to do these tasks on a daily basis?

If you want to create what you want in your life then you can make the choice to live the way you are now or you can make a leap of faith toward the life that you really want!!

The Rule Of Five For Recovery

1. Write down five of the most important tasks that will move your life to the next level of clear clarity

2. Check them off once you have completed them

3. Write new tastes every evening before you go to bed or after completion

4. Ask yourself am I committed to my success

5. Never stop doing your tasks no matter how hard they are

6. Once these habits are set into your subconscious mind then start writing new habits

7. Always celebrate your successes when you have completed your task

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