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The Courage To Be Sober Chapter 5

Why Did I Receive These Addictions

I knew the fate of my life was laid out for me, and ready to take action in life. But was it a bed of roses, was my life perfect? NO way not even close. I made a list as long as my arm looked like it at the time. When I was a teenager I thought to myself why do I receive so many traumatic events in my life. Why is my life so terrible, that I can’t even make my parents happy. I never thought I was good enough, always trying so hard but always getting the short end of the stick.

Well, I thought I didn’t but the truth was I did create a life of happiness. I just didn’t believe in myself, in fact, I did have a great childhood! I played sports I loved, I ran free in the forest in our backyard of 40 acres. I built forts and bike trails for my own pleasure. Why didn’t I believe I had an amazing life. I looked at others around me and compared their life to mine. That was a half-empty way of thinking. Now I believe that the people around me are showing me what I want to receive as a feeling that I want to receive. I always used my dad's tools from his shop and when I didn’t bring them back to where he had last put them, he would ask Stefan where my tools were and put them back where I left them. I won't need to receive the attention from my father and he needed me for his own reasons, he needed my love in return.

This is as we call it a symbiotic relationship. We needed each other to fulfill our own needs that were missing in our lives. I believe that the reason we get what we want is that humans desire the reality of what is missing in one's life. The same goes with everything we receive within our lives on a day-to-day basis. If we think that people are trying to hurt us then they will hurt us, but if we have a thought that they are showing us what we want to receive then life will and can be much more enjoyable. Letting go of the notion that others are trying to hurt us, we can start to live the life that we want, instead of what we don’t want. Life is a lesson on an ongoing basis, If we put blinders on we will never see the truth that is right in front of our faces.

When I opened up my eyes to my thoughts that the world is not trying to hurt me or punish me, I can live a much happier life. I can now focus on joy instead of fear, happiness instead of

sadness. Everything we do in life happens for a reason even if we don’t want it to happen, this is the law of the universe showing us the truth.

I have a friend and YES I do have friends even if my wife thinks they are only imaginary friends, LOL.

He thought people were always trying to put him down for what he believed in, he thought they were trying to hurt his feelings, but the truth was he was the only one that thought that way. His friends were trying to help him to realize what he was doing. We use a part of our brain that uses imagery that tells us what we need to see, but we reject the real reason why. This is the imagination part of us that shows us the truth about what we want to feel. We all want to feel good in our lives. But there are times when we feel sadness or fear in our brains that we want to feel, so we can feel alive, this is what we want to feel, deep inside our subconscious mind. We don’t notice this feeling because we can’t see it, so we disregard the real truth behind what is going on in our brains.

Well, you can believe it or not LOL, but the universe always knows the truth even if you believe it to be true or not. We are made up of energy and so is the universe, well everything is energy that surrounds us, the air we breathe, the trees that grow the oceans that flow. Everything we see or don’t see has an energy vibration that flows throughout the universe, we may not see it but it is there. I truly believe that we all can be happy in life when we choose to believe in the Law Of The Universe. DO YOU BELIEVE IT? If yes great, if that is no then that is your choice we all have choices in life. If you believe in god but you don’t see her or him, is he or she real? These are the questions that puzzle my thoughts on a daily basis.


1. We receive everything that we are thinking about.

2. We are receiving 100% of what happens in life.

3. There is no one to blame for what we are receiving in our life.

4. We are receiving other people's energy vibrations.

5. We can change our outcomes in life when we change our beliefs.

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