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The Courage To Be Sober Chapter 6

The Steps I Took To Stop The Insanity

The definition of insanity is doing the same old thing over and over again every single day and never get a different result in our life. So why do we continue to create the same results that we may not want to receive? Well, we don’t want to face the real truth about who we are or that we create everything we do. This is the basis of the Law Of Attraction, what we think and say is what we receive 100% of the time, even if we believe it or not. The reality is that we can get what we want in life even if it is hard to comprehend that this is the truth.

The Law Of Attraction has been around since the universe was formed millions and millions or billions of years ago. The truth is there even if we don’t want to believe it. This is the definition of insanity we are thinking the same way for so many years. I truly believe that we can change the common sense surrounding our reality on a day-to-day basis. Just one-word “EXCEPT” the truth we don’t want to see reality in our own life. We live, we then die, then we

are reborn again, the energy goes on forever and ever, beyond the linear plan of just excitement in one life, we live forever on the energy flow of the universe's ribbon of time and space.

Just like the beginning of everything we all began somewhere as a starting point. If you look at a magnet it never stops being magnetic. So think of our soul as an energy force that continues on like a never-ending story that never stops writing itself. The vast universe has a

beginning, but does it have an end. If a start dwindles out from existence the energy doesn’t because of the energy that it has put forth from its core, and has carried throughout the universe and beyond, the energy is everywhere, we just can’t see it but it’s there.

We are like a star filled with the same energy that creates a massive energy force that travels beyond into the universe that makes up what we know as the Law Of Cosmic Force. We create our present, our future that is not yet written. Even if you think this is just fantasy, the truth is there, the math is simple 1+1=2 or a million + million = two million the numbers we keep on adding up go on forever that we can see right. Then if the numbers never stop moving forward, then so must our existence in the vast universe. To stop the insanity is to face the reality that creates our outcomes in life. When life hands us the truth, we can see the good in what we receive, even if it seems harsh or painful to us.

This is a learning opportunity to grow and expand our minds to their potential. I have learned so much from my mistakes and I have made lots along the way to my clean and sober life today.

Went from a bottle of whisky and smoking ten joints a day, to completely quitting everything on my own. I did this with the use of truly understanding that I create my circumstances within my life today.

This is how it went down. I looked at myself as a liar, not only to the people around me but most of all to myself. The truth is that I now know that I can’t lie to the universe, because the universe knows everything that I do and say in my life.

We may think no one knows but they do, just we don’t know they know the real truth. When I understood that I am always moving, always creating the outcome that I desire I started to change the way I looked at life and my surroundings. Was it easy NO, did it take painstaking moments of pure agony YES!! But when I did finally get the truth about who I am, the world started to feel much less heavy on my back so to speak than it had ever felt before. Were

there bumps and roadblocks on the path to recovery YES, absolutely there were? I am not going to lie to you. I had many moments that drove me crazy, but I knew that my life would improve over time. I always thank my past situations as if they were a learning opportunity, not a problem that would stop me from living the life that I desire and have always dreamed of!

What were the steps that helped me move forward?

The main goal of any step is to start, no matter what the outcome is, good, bad or ugly.

1. Stop lying to myself.

2. Stop lying to others.

3. Take 100% responsibility for my life.

4. Take action towards my goals.

5. Believe that I can do it.

6. Stop blaming others for my situations.

7. Look at life as a learning opportunity NOT a problem.

8. Look at life as half full NOT half empty.

9. Always treat myself as NUMBER ONE!!

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