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The Courage To Be Sober Chapter 7

Life Is A True Gift To Those Who Believe

The truth about life in all its splendours and our worldly possessions means nothing if we don’t look at the real truth surrounding the real truth that we create our problems in our life!

Let me tell you a little story that will set this chapter on fire and allow you to

take hold of your life forever moving forward.

We live on this planet for such a short time so we must take life for a ride like no other. When you play it safe the only thing you receive is what you put into it.

So why don’t we put 100% effort into our life? I truly believe that life is a gift so why don’t we treat life as a gift. This is my opinion and I am going to stick with it without a doubt in my mind. I have seen so much failure in my life and so too have many people on this planet.

We can take every chance we have to do everything possible to make it happen. We all have choices about how we live our life, what we do with our lives once we are born into this world is our responsibility to live it to the fullest, feeling joy and happiness. So why is it so hard to find our path to happiness? Well, it comes from the influences that surround our upbringing when we were small children. That means our parents, our grandparents and teachers that shape our minds.

The system that we call family is like a cult, children are brought to obey our every command without questioning the outcome. Why do we tell our children to do what we hated our own parents for controlling us when we were young children, why oh why are we sending our own kids down the same path of NO return. This is the definition of insanity YES, what we are doing now is what we hated as children ourselves.

This needs to change if our society is going to change for the better, we need to create a different outcome, YES, we need to change the way we think, the way we live our lives moving forward. If we don’t change as humans we will stay the same as our parents lived their lives, never improving mankind towards a better future. Who is responsible for the change?

There is only ONE, that is the person we look at in the mirror of life, means ourselves.

When we take charge of our own reality, we can see a different path that we never thought possible. Take a hard look at the truth that we already know deep inside of us all.

I have been seeking the answers long and hard for many years now. I have found some amazing insight that I would love to share with the world!!

1. We are responsible for the thoughts, feelings and actions we put forth to the world we live in.

2. We are bound by the Laws Of The Universe for we are creating everything that has happened or is about to happen in our lives.

3. The gifts that we receive in our lives are precious beyond what we believe to be true.

4. The world we live in is a gift all on its own, with all its splendours and glory.

5. Our children are our gift towards the future that hasn’t been told, for this is what we need to care for and love, unconditionally without any deviation!!

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