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The Courage To Be Sober Chapter 8

Making Lots Of Mistakes Towards Sobriety

The biggest mistake that I made in my life was. I didn’t like to be criticized in any way, shape or form. I refused to take advice from anyone. When I was told you are drinking way too much, my response was I can handle it NO PROBLEM.

Well, the truth was, I didn’t want to face the truth. There were moments in my life, whereby I could have taken people’s advice, but I hated to receive the truth. This had stopped me from moving forward in life for nearly thirty years. Where did this all stem from? These thoughts came from my unrealistic view of life in my younger years growing up. My parents had told me that I needed to work hard to make money, I need to make others happy before myself.

The biggest mistake that I made was I believed them 100% of the time as I was growing up. I wasn’t allowed to have my own opinions. Well, if I did they were shut down readily, on a daily basis. I truly believe that we all have a right to speak our minds NO MATTER how old we are.

This was my life, there is no more blaming them, that means my parents, time to appreciate the lesson I learned from my past. People can change the way they think, speak and act in life, but it’s up to us to change it. I believe we all need to face our truths in life, so my question is when do you want to face yours?

Today, tomorrow, how about right NOW! I am totally serious when I say this because when you put off what you should do today, you will never do it at all. Or you can be like me, waiting for 30 years before I changed my life. I understand it’s your decision but with the long road I took, I would never wish it on anyone.

I was a stubborn man with his head up his ASS. If you have your head in the sand then you will never obtain the life that you deserve. Take your head off your ass and move towards the light of greatness. The weather is much warmer on this side, I can tell you this because I was sitting on the edge of darkness with no end in sight until I followed the yellow brick road to the

kingdom of glory. We all deserve happiness in life.

So how about you?

Are you willing to take a leap of faith in your life?

The time is now, there is no tomorrow. Let me tell you this, we all have a situation in life, whereby we have made mistakes “YES you have” don’t lie to me or to yourself. We all have gone down a path, like drinking too much, smoking too much, lying to so many people even going so far as writing down your lies, so you don’t forget what you said in the lies of life. I know because I have interviewed many people that have told me the real truth about what they did and how they did it.

If you are not a liar then good on you. But there are people that need to lie so they can keep their victim's story going on and on forever. What we do in life is how we live our lives on a daily basis.

This is the truth that CAN NOT be denied. Unless you want to lie about that too!! “LOL” We all have the ability to create the life we want, we all have the strength to always propel our inner

personal growth forward with lightning speed, like a beam of light streaking across the midnight sky. I believe that we all are on a path towards what we want, but how we take action on our wants, determines the outcome we desire.

Be clear of our intention for what we want, otherwise, we will receive a different result that we may not want. The universe only knows what we think, say and do in our lives. If we are sending mixed messages to the universe then we will get exactly what we are thinking and doing. It may be time to change or shift the way we are thinking about and do things in life.

How can we learn from the mistakes that we make in life?__________________________

What are the steps that we can do in our lives that will skyrocket us to whole

new levels of GREATNESS???______________________________________________

Steps Towards Greatness

1. Live in the moment

2. Make yourself happy first

3. Give without expectation of return

4. Release our innermost fears

5. Own who you are without judgement

6. Stop judging others

7. Stop making excuses

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