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The Courage To Be Sober Chapter 9

Making Your Dreams Come True

What are dreams and how do they come true?

Dreams are made up of thoughts and images in our minds that fill our heads with promises of being more than who we are now. With millions of thoughts, we produce on a daily basis how many aspirations, hopes and dreams come true? Well, all of them come true when we take action on them in our life.

If we only view them as fantasies and not as the reality of life, they will never come true. This is not to say that all our dreams will never come true in our lifetime, but what I am saying is if they are only a pipe dreams and never really be seen as achievable goals and dreams then they will only stay as a thought in our head.

What if I told you that big dreams are a fallacy and they are what we hope for in life. When dreams come true they are just like any other day in our lives. They are just part of who we are and they are supposed to happen as all part of the plan. Life is like a string on a guitar playing a note towards what we want.

Every note is a dream on a music sheet with a beginning and an end. No song plays forever, no musical goes on forever and the curtain does close eventually! Sometimes we believe that the grass is greener on the other side but we solely know that we all have what we require directly at home.

We are blinded by the notion of grandeur for what we expect to happen in our lives. Seeing as the truth such as fairytales are only faults, truth told to us through the stories told from fiction books, movies and by our parents as a child. To make things happen are as simple as the A, B, C’s and when we know the alphabet we can start to read. Making our dreams a reality is as simple as reading, playing music and riding your brand new red bike you love.

When you kick your mind into high gear, the energy that you already have, starts to produce amazing results in your life. Just like a massive computer our brains are firing at light speeds and waiting for an action to make it happen in our life.

When you write your path towards your dreams and truly believe that they will come true with no doubt, in your thoughts to stop the growth of your dreams of becoming a reality.

I had an experience a few years ago whereby my computer just all of a sudden stopped working and I lost all my data including the list that I made towards my big dreams. I kept a file with all my hopes and dreams all typed up ready to take action but I lost them all. But the truth is I had them all stored in my head and was working towards achieving them well, I was in the process of creating amazing results. I now know that it’s best to write all my dreams out in a dream journal. I keep my journal beside my bed so at night when I have a dream that sparks a wonder within me, I write my thoughts down from pen to paper so they will stay forever and the universe knows I am serious about the goals that I want to achieve in my lifetime.

The Steps To Achieve Your Dreams

1. Believe that your dreams will come true

2. Believe that you have already achieved your dreams

3. Take action on your dreams 100%

4. Make sure that your dreams are achievable in your lifetime

5. Write a detailed list of all your dreams in a journal that is kept beside your bed

6. Make an action plan to map out your dreams

7. Ask Ask Ask an individual that has achieved their goals and dreams

8. Meditate every morning about your dreams

9. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you deserve everything that you want in life

10. Make sure you celebrate your achieved dreams and goals every time they come true

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