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YES, You Can GET Sober From Drugs & Alcohol!

Did you know there’s a solution to stopping addictions on this planet, that every individual knows about, but it is hidden in plain site for all to see, and the good news is everyone like yourself can learn the secret to save your loved ones and yourself from this debilitating and tragic epidemic?

Why Yes, You Can Get Sober


We feel the addiction epidemic is both outrageous and hazardous to the community in which we all cherish and live. And we feel there is no relief or change in the near future unless action is taken. This situation is detrimental to society at large. People are feeling exhausted, anxious, and stressed from the burden of their loved ones' addictions to the point where most have given up on their dreams and are merely living day-to-day, feeling hopeless and bewildered about their future. We believe, people were not meant to live their lives like this, and it is ok to expect more.


So, we started to ask ourselves questions:

“Where are people supposed to go to get help?”

“How can we turn the situation around?”

“How can we help people eliminate their addiction burden?”

“How can we empower people to grow and create the lives that they dream of?”, and

“How can we give back and serve a greater community?”

The Yes, You Can Get Sober program is ultimately our answer to all of these questions.


Who We Are


We believe that everyone has greatness within. Yes, You Can Get Sober is a peer support program that specializes in personal development so that you can live your life to your full potential with confidence, happiness, excitement, and enthusiasm while providing you with the ability to build and maintain motivation in order to live an addiction-free life.




Our mission is to become a dynamic, easy-to-use, a professional and personal development platform that brings the opportunity to our members through education, and coaching and lives an addiction-free life.




Our vision is to build a worldwide community of thought-provoking leaders who are inspired to give back to humanity in ways that are only limited by their individual creativity.


Our Core Values


1. Integrity – Integrity in all actions because actions speak louder than words

2. Respect – Respect for all individuals in all interactions and dealings

3. Service – To serve others is to truly live an on-purpose life

4. Gratitude – Sincere gratitude to all people all the time

5. Continuous Improvement – Commitment to excellence daily because we can always get better

6. Community – To create meaningful and long-lasting relationships for success

Do you feel Like This?

I feel all alone and no one understands what I am going through or...

My spouse wants a divorce.

I am losing my kids.

I almost lost my job.

I am worried about my health.

My credit card is maxed out.

I don't know what to do.

I feel lost and ashamed.

You can join this Memorable

Open Meeting


6:30PM - 8:00PM
Pacific TIME

Did you know there's a way you can deal with addictions without going to a treatment centre?

Here's your chance to spend 60 powerful minutes focused entirely on YOUR life – and what you can do to make your addiction-free life a reality.

You can get valuable clarity around these questions:


  • You can feel you are not alone.

  • Save your marriage from falling apart.

  • Get your kids back in your life.

  • Get back your mojo at work or business.

  • Build a strong and healthy lifestyle.

  • Pay off all your old credit card debts.

  • Learn what you can do NOW.

  • Get rid of shame and guilt once and for all.


    What do you have to lose?

About Me

WipeOut Kick Out Knock OUt
Addictions 1-2-3

I BUSTED out FROM My 30-Year drug, and alcohol addictions in 24 hours.


A Proven Game Plan To Get Out From Addiction & Stopping Your Drug Of Choice

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